Thunderbird Frozen

Strange ice forms like this come about only through uncanny event sequences:  a brutally sharp cold blast flinging lake water against the shoreline with its logs already stained red by iron-rich mud, wave after wave splashed over until even the runs and drips solidified in single-digit to subzero temperatures.  Then as the winds calmed, the lake water itself froze, locking this surreal scene in place for spotlighting on a bitter-cold morning that was decidedly unfriendly to a photographer’s face and fingers.  Fortunately the undesirable anesthesia abated with car-heater warmth, and the scene today offers meteo-psychological departure from summertime doldrums.Of course, that doesn’t work if you are viewing this page in wintertime!

5 W Little Axe OK (6 Jan 14) Looking N
35.223, -97.3017

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