Somber Icelandic Stormscape

Just several miles below the Arctic Circle itself, the closest one will see there to a “dark day” stormy convective regime follows a convergence boundary across Iceland’s deeply incised northern (Arctic Ocean) coast.  Somber, textured, slate-colored skies, and the ominous shadows they cast upon landscapes, have captivated me since earliest childhood, and this moody scene was hard to leave behind.  It’s an uncommon juxtaposition of convective cloud base with a nimbostratus element more suited to low latitudes, a rugged butte reminiscent of Southwest deserts, and the cold sea.  As with so much of the Iceland experience, it rendered a unique moment still-framed and indelible in time and memory.

12 NE Husavik, Iceland (23 Aug 14) Looking E
66.1786, -16.9877

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