Puuhonua o Honaunau Sunset: Deep Zoom

A marvelous South Kona sunset paints the Pacific sky beyond Puuhonua o Honaunau National Park.  Deep zooming into a sunset sky rich in cloud diversity and textures can yield a perspective both microscale and macroscale at the same time.  That’s because, while pointing to a distance of infinity, the subset sampled is just a small postage stamp of the entire sky.  Yet how many sunsets do you recall seeing that look much like this?  Probably very few, if any, because your mind wasn’t focused this far into such a relatively small piece of sky.  Deep zooming opens an array of visuals almost always seen by the eye, but not necessarily perceived, because of the dominance of larger, surrounding context.  Yet it represents reality in that tiny rectangular patch of the total field of view.

2 WNW Keokea HI (26 Dec 17) Looking WSW
19.4179, -155.9124

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