Night Storm over the Platte River

Nebraska treated me well weatherwise and otherwise in 2017, despite missing out on springtime storm-intercept opportunities there.  A March trip to see the sandhill crane migration dazzled us with the experience of seeing a huge flock of them flying through a rainbow (along with snow geese, too!).  Just a couple hours before this, we watched a marvelous supercellular sunsetunexpected and uncommon in August.  The intended purpose for this trip was the total solar eclipse two days later, which crossed Nebraska, an which we viewed from a few miles past the Wyoming border.  The storms of this evening simply served as a delicious bonus!  This elevated storm cluster formed well south of the complex that evolved from the supercell, but eventually merged with it.  In the meantime, it offered a marvelously sinewy cloudscape, punctuated by frequent and loopy lightning filaments darting out of the cloud base, then back up again.

4 S Overton NE (19 Aug 17) Looking E
40.682, -99.5402

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