Author archives: Roger Edwards

  • Gateway Arch in the Mist

  • Still a spectacular monument and impressive feat of construction after over 40 years atop the St. Louis skyline, the Gateway Arch is one of the most photographed structures in the world. Nonetheless, never have I seen it depicted from this vantage, in the rain and mist, at night. So when I noticed it this way during a walk d[...]
  • 7-11 Lightning: Strike One

  • An otherwise innocuous multicell cumulonimbus, drifting through the late twilight sky south of town, began flinging huge and brilliant bolts of lightning between its upper reaches and ground, sometimes extending several horizontal miles away from their source.  This was the first of perhaps a dozen I saw, and half as many th[...]
  • Rainbow from Above

  • Ascending on an Atlanta-bound curve northwestward from Fort Lauderdale, this surprising scene appeared for about three seconds--fortunately, just enough time to aim and fire with an already-focused and gripped camera.   We don't often experience the novelty of peering downward at a rain shower with just the right sunlight an[...]
  • Electric Scythe in the Sky

  • Fingers of deadly amperage extend most of the way groundward from their source high in the middle to upper levels of an oncoming thunderstorm.   Most such "crawlers" extend horizontally for many miles, but somehow this path of least resistance led almost to the surface. 3 SSW Altus, OK (26 April 14) Looking NW 34.5953, -[...]
  • Wave Reflections at Sunset

  • A wonderful sunset sky of western orange and overhead indigo reflected off the lake's surface as abstract art in motion. This was a scene when I spent as much time looking down as up, despite my innate urge to gaze skyward. Much of the wonderment there wasn't only in the colors or the light effects, but also, in the nearly h[...]
  • Blowing off Steam

  • Sulfurous vapors hiss forth from cobbled vents and waft ceaselessly across the denuded countryside of Hverir, a geothermal area associated with past fissure eruptions in Iceland's Krafla volcanic system. Where relatively lacking of people, and when looking certain directions, these lands offer a primordial time travel into t[...]
  • Ice Tree Coming after You

  • Rising from the tangled mess of an ice storm, this creepy tree assumes a menacing pose, as if a predatory monster looming overhead, ready to snatch us up and commit unspoken and unspeakable evil.  Fortunately for nightmare-prone children the world over, this tree remained exactly as it looked, frozen in place, with the glint[...]
  • KC Mammatus Returns

  • Almost a year after the skies of downtown Kansas City treated me to their first show of supercell-spawned mammatus clouds, this encore presentation proved history can repeat. The situation was a little different, with an HP (heavy-precip) supercell WSW of town instead of NW, but the photography location, cloud type, storm ty[...]
  • Stratocumulus Billows

  • Undulating ripples, regularly spaced and orderly, seem out of place in a chaotic atmosphere. They're fairly common, though! Billow clouds can form at many different levels in the atmosphere, and are related to wind shear. Here, the stratocumulus undulatus billows were trapped under a temperature inversion in the low levels o[...]
Unintended Lake
  • Unintended Lake

  • For over two hours, heavy-precipitation cores trained along the southern hills overlooking Chadron, and the water had to go somewhere.  Much of it ended up flowing right down across town, ponding up in level areas like this.  Somehow I suspect that utility box at left was non-functional at this moment. Chadron, NE (21 Jun[...]
Flying under the Base
  • Flying under the Base

  • Flying directly beneath a big base of an growing cumulonimbus is not something I recommend because of the potential for both updraft turbulence and an unforeseen downburst.  However, this attempt was remarkably smooth on approach to the airport, and offered a seldom-experienced perspective of a building thunderstorm. over[...]
  • When Thunderstorms Collide

  • What can happen when 2 thunderstorms join? A laminar, striated arcus cloud and some powerful fireworks! There is a lot of great storm-scale meteorology in this picture. Note how the cloud base of the storm at left is forced upward, parallel to and above the arcus cloud. The arcus condenses in moist air being smoothly lifted [...]