Warm Outflow

This is the first image in SkyPix specifically titled “outflow” that isn’t in the Gallery of Outflow!  The name, both sarcastic and somewhat literally true, instead describes a 2,000-degree oozing inferno that sculpts its own fluid art anew every minutea flow of rock, not air.  Destruction and renewal run downhill together in a river of rock, remaking the world everywhere it flows.  Episode 61g pours out of the Kilauea East Rift Zone and across other young but cooled lava, decades to months old.  In this way, Earth’s most active volcano paves and repaves the landscape at velocities slower than a crawl to us, but with lightning speed on geologic time scales, growing the Big Island bigger by the day.

4 W Kalapana HI (22 Dec 17) Looking WSW
19.3485, -155.038

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