Twilight Tempest

An unusual July chase in an unusual spring storm season:  1993.  Characterized mainly by an extensive and seemingly unrelenting series of flooding rainstorms and convective clusters across the Midwest and east-central Plains, including Kansas and Missouri, the storms of July were a last hurraha capstone on a year of flooding and destruction.  This represented a fitting finale:  a late-forming, classic supercell along a dryline’s intersection with an outflow boundary from an earlier convective complex.  The supercell didn’t last very long before losing definition, emitting a brief but scenic lightning show, and being absorbed into a larger complex to the northeast that went on to produce (you guessed it) heavy rain.  In the meantime, though, travelers along I-70 in west-central Kansas were treated to an eerie spectacle in the twilight!

5 ESE WaKeeney KS (2 Jun 93) Looking W
38.9972, -99.791

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