The Sculpted Storm

Other observers described this storm as an “upside down wedding cake” or likened its wild appearance to stacked Frisbees or flying saucers.  For me, over two decades later, it still ranks among the top few most beautiful supercells I have ever seen.  In person the scene was more stunning than ever could be rendered on slide film, with pastel pinks and oranges refracted thru the background precipitation curtains, then reflected of the undersides of the otherwise blue-gray laminar plates.  Also note the 3 waves evident in the “neck” area between the bottom and middle plates of the stack.  This storm began as an LP supercell shortly after 4 p.m.. west of Tilden, NE, and remained quite chaseable and ever more mesmerizing as it produced more precipmoving slowly and parallel to good roads nearbyfor nearly seven hours.  Though it never produced a confirmed tornado, this chase was probably my most enjoyable to that date.

2 W West Point NE (12 Jun 94) Looking NNW
41.8293, -96.7387

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