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  • More Truck-Stop Thunder

  • A needed respite from the road turned into a marvelous electrical show in the sky outside a northern Oklahoma truck stop.  Several magnificent discharges split the rainy sky before the responsible elevated storm raced off to the east-northeast and weakened.  Looking at this alone, one wouldn't guess that feet behind me sat a[...]
  • Two-Stroke Supercell

  • Well-structured July supercells are uncommon in these parts, but we found one on the way back from a trip to Colorado.  During daylight, and back in southern Kansas, the storm's prolific production of "dry" lightning (away from the precipitation regions) set numerous fires.  After sundown, the storm turned hard right, moving[...]
  • Thunderous Times at the Truck Stop

  • After a long and exhausting chase day, sometimes the last thing I want to do is get out late at night for more photography.  Sometimes, however, the sky and its wonders beckon, with this small elevated storm blasting shockingly tall and bright discharges for a brief time, and at a fast pace.   The ground was so unusually wel[...]