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  • Double Reflected Convective Pastels

  • A weakening supercell moved over cool outflow from earlier storms, combining with some fall foliage at ground level to dazzle who witnessed the spectacle with a brief but brilliant splash of pastel tones.  The dominant light source for the scene came from a strange direction, too:  northeast (left)!  Sunset light first was r[...]
  • Swimming Autumn Leaves

  • Quiet, clear pool waters of a small, shady stream held these recently submerged leaves in the same photogenic position as I found them.  Being nestled in a narrow, damp canyon, protected from wind by the gorge's steep-walled depth and the overlying dense forest, here they probably stayed until the next rains washed them to t[...]
Flood of Fall Foliage
  • Flood of Fall Foliage

  • Even though our visit to northeast Oklahoma preceded the peak of autumn colors overall, these lakeside trees already were in fine fall form, perhaps after being stressed by the inundation of their bases in this manner. 6 NNE Fort Gibson OK (16 Oct 9) Looking SE 35.8857, -95.2337
  • Shaw Lake Reflections

  • Golden aspens of a Colorado high-country autumn, and the cumulus-decorated blue sky above, fluidly alternated their reflections off the waters of Shaw Lake in the San Juan Mountains.  This surreal, abstract scene was astoundingly straightforward to shoot too:  enlarge ISO to enable fast shutter speed and high f-stop, point t[...]
  • Towering Cumulus and High Country Foliage

  • At 9,000 feet high in the Colorado mountains, deep convective clouds and brilliantly peaking fall aspens are an uncommon combination to witness.  Still, the passing of a mid-upper level trough over seasonally warm and moist conditions for the area produced this outstanding high-country vista—a summertime sky over a decidedly[...]
  • Path of Least Resistance

  • Sometimes the path of least resitance is quite far from a straight line, visually inefficient to us but quite plausible for the atmosphere.  This shot shows that, and also, proves lightning doesn't have to seek the tallest point.  Someone standing near the top of the mountain here wouldn't have been hurt,  though he might ha[...]
  • Stratocumulus Billows

  • Undulating ripples, regularly spaced and orderly, seem out of place in a chaotic atmosphere. They're fairly common, though! Billow clouds can form at many different levels in the atmosphere, and are related to wind shear. Here, the stratocumulus undulatus billows were trapped under a temperature inversion in the low levels o[...]