Sunset Waving at Us

Sometimes a special and unique scene, one of uncommon splendor, sneaks up on the observer and photographer, which is why it’s a good idea never to leave all the gear at home.  Returning from a weekend road trip involving fun with friends but drabness of sky, we assumed (wrongly) that there were too many clouds for a decent sunset.  Then the sunshine from below the horizon found its way through a clearing in the distant west, across the underside of a wild set of multi-level cloud formations, and, for a few astounding minutes, erupted into one of the best sunsets in these parts in a long time, perhaps even as long as a year and a day before.  For central Oklahoma, a well-known hotspot for beautiful sunsets, that’s saying something.   It was then up to us to find a suitable pull-off and behold the spectacle.  The brilliant golds of the higher, more western cirrus set a fine backdrop for the transitional pinks farther east and overhear, and in turn, for the lower and redder layer of altocumulus clouds (including that wild array of wavy translucidus) at right.  The most visually delicious part?  This was just the first of back-to-back-to-back shows.  Check out the next morning’s sunrise.

Norman OK (11 December 16) Looking WSW
35.2625, -97.4511

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