Snow Geese in the Rain

During the “magic hour” of late-afternoon light, a small flock of snow geese and countless raindrops, near and far, imparted an oil-painting-like texture to the wondrous scene along the back side of a band of rain.  These and another half million of their closest friends and relatives (geese and cranes) converge annually upon the Platte River Valley of central Nebraskaone of the world’s great bird-migration spectacles.  I did not move the saturation bar even in the slightest; the rainbow really was this intense in a deep zoom!  Three days into a three-day stay, conditions had remained about as hostile for photographing birds as can be imagined:  cold, dark, windy overcast.  Yet this brief break at the back end of a line of showers, and along a cold front that temporarily warmed the surface, made the entire trip.

3 WSW Denman NE (12 Mar 17) Looking ESE
40.6918, -98.7847

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