Sedona Strike

On my first travel day in Arizona, and after an afternoon in Petrified Forest, I wheeled over to Sedona to meet Dave Blanchard for a brief bit of desert-storm photography in the sunset hour.  This was the best of a few lightning discharges we caught from a brief, elevated storm that went up behind a late-afternoon complex, and in a most scenic setting!  My short experience of Sedona was unusual:  cool, moist and green, in summertime.  The monsoonal storm regime that had been active for three weeks started moving north and shrinking away within a couple of days after this, but still had some nice sparking left to offer elsewhere.  My time was fixed and set months in advance, so I wish to make it out there again for more of this action.

3 SW Sedona AZ (1 Aug 17) Looking E
34.8368, -111.8216


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