River in the Moist Northwestern Forest

Northwestern Rainforest River

Once in an unpredictable interval, we catch a glimpse into the multisensory artistry of God.  So it was, here in the temperate rainforests of the Cascades below Mount Rainier, in the sound of water rushing over rocks and dripping from plants, in the sight of the gentle veneer of fog blanketing the water under a canopy of deep green, in the touch of the cool and soft breeze, in the scent of the refreshing earthy dampness, and ultimately, transcendent of tangible self into our soul that dwells beyond time and place.  These experiences are available to us all, whether on a sojourn far away or as a surprise within any given mile of home.  We just need to be open and ready to receive the gift.

NW Packwood WA (16 Jul 11) Looking N

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