Rainier Reflections

Another tranquil, serene moment of marvel and gratitude unfolded as our mornings of dawn-hour photography continued on the alpine lakes east of Mount Rainier.  One could set up on these little lakes every morning of the year when the big mountain is visible, year after year, and come away with a unique scene or compositional interpretation.  For us, it was more than shooting photos, but a blessing of experiential and immersive wonderment.  How many opportunities does one get to do this?  Nothing in life can be taken for granted, so we wanted to make the most of it.  That’s what kept us awakening in the dark, as the rest of the town still slept, to get to these places and witness such splendor for the few days we were in the area.

20 NNE Packwood WA (15 Aug 16) Looking WSW
46.8672, -121.5155

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