Rain-Wrapped “Pseudonado”

Rain-Wrapped "Pseudonado"

In the deepening darkness of twilight, a scene such as this is lower in contrast and dimmer to the eyeballs than to a camera set to long exposure and low f-stop.  Spotters need to concentrate intently on suspicious features, particularly when they are persistent and “in the right place”, such as the conical lowering shown here.  A fortuitously positioned rain shaft appeared to connect the lowering and the ground.  While looking like a rain-wrapped funnel cloud or even small tornado at first glance, closer scrutiny revealed only rising and (rightward) translating motion—no rotation.   The rain shaft slid rightward of the lowering and the entire ragged wall cloud soon got undermined by outflow.  Fortunately, no spotters mistook this for a tornado, and a false-alarm warning thus was prevented.

3 NE Walters OK (10 Apr 16) Looking NW
34.3823, -98.2615

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