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  • Ice Beach

  • Icebergs of varying sizes float from the freshwater Jokulsarlon lagoon through a tidal outlet to the Atlantic Ocean, whose surf soon deposits them on the nearby black-sand beach strewn with wave-smoothed igneous cobbles.  Regardless of time of day, it's a striking scene, and one unfamiliar to most of us from the lower latitu[...]
  • Seljalandsfoss Windbow

  • Recipe for wondrous delight:  Take one of the most captivating waterfalls in the world and add wind--specifically, a very strong, gale-force, southwest wind--and behold  the vast and elegantly tempestuous spectacle of spray from a place of stable standing.  We visited Seljalandsfoss thrice, each time witnessing a new facet t[...]
  • Cold Liquid Turquoise

  • Yes, we spent plenty of time viewing and photographing the famous, upstream, glacier-fed cascade Godafoss under assorted light.  However, the happenings downstream were plenty fascinating as well, whether on wide-landscape scales, or as in this case, zoomed into some water action.  As with the great majority of weather photo[...]