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  • 113-Degree Day

  • The hottest afternoon of the hottest summer in Oklahoma history also offered gusty 20-30 mph winds, a giant hair dryer roaring amidst an exceptional drought that had left all manner of plant fuels extremely dry. Groves of cedar stood ready to erupt in flames at slightest provocation, their oily foliage badly dessicated by mo[...]
  • Hailstorm Exiting

  • Leaving behind a wintertime appearance in late spring, the deep-slate back side of a severe supercell offered a parting rainbow as visual compensation for the trouble it caused in the form of temporarily slickened roads and slightly shredded vegetation.  It also provided some much-needed rain and welcomed relief from the Jun[...]
  • TCu (not TCU)

  • A classical towering cumulus (meteorological acronym: TCu, as opposed to TCU the university) shoots skyward in a low-level convergence zone connecting other, larger areas of convection.  Storm observers who can see through towers don't assign them much of a future, and for good reason; they are entraining dry air aloft.   St[...]
Park Underwater
  • Park Underwater

  • When the floodwaters rose fast that Sunday morning in Story City, its riverside park and golf course became its river-bottom park and golf course. The floating garbage container only hints at the messy, long and arduous cleanup that awaits after an event like this, where the disaster doesn't end for a long time after the wat[...]
  • Judith Gap Lightning

  • Otherwise rather nondescript due to a mess of intervening low clouds, this marginal supercell embedded in a cluster of storms made itself stand out from the convective crowd by flinging bright, hot bolts across the central Montana countryside.   The mass of storms soon would heave a severe slab of outflow wind across the Lit[...]
  • Turbulent Textures

  • Bane of tornado-centric storm hunters, outflow nonetheless can yield amazing visual and sensory experiences.   The turbulent underbelly of arcus clouds--often nicknamed the "whale's mouth"--offers a fascinating visual cacophony of deeply granular cloud motions, the textures of which change continually.  With a cool wind blow[...]
  • Ice Beach

  • Icebergs of varying sizes float from the freshwater Jokulsarlon lagoon through a tidal outlet to the Atlantic Ocean, whose surf soon deposits them on the nearby black-sand beach strewn with wave-smoothed igneous cobbles.  Regardless of time of day, it's a striking scene, and one unfamiliar to most of us from the lower latitu[...]
  • Seljalandsfoss Windbow

  • Recipe for wondrous delight:  Take one of the most captivating waterfalls in the world and add wind--specifically, a very strong, gale-force, southwest wind--and behold  the vast and elegantly tempestuous spectacle of spray from a place of stable standing.  We visited Seljalandsfoss thrice, each time witnessing a new facet t[...]
  • Cold Liquid Turquoise

  • Yes, we spent plenty of time viewing and photographing the famous, upstream, glacier-fed cascade Godafoss under assorted light.  However, the happenings downstream were plenty fascinating as well, whether on wide-landscape scales, or as in this case, zoomed into some water action.  As with the great majority of weather photo[...]