Nevada Forks

An evening desert storm, riding the last ribbons of a shrinking band of monsoonal easterlies, flings forked jabs of deadly electricity over the skies of extreme southeastern Nevada.  I had been hoping for more action in central and southern Arizonathe prototypical monsoon-storm hotbed.  Instead, an expanding swath of low/middle-level westerlies cut off substantial thunderstorm production a day after I got to the state and sent me northwest to the Kingman area, then past Hoover Dam, where the last thundery evening for two weeks deposited me north of the Colorado River.  That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, however, as that landing left me amidst numerous great national parks and scenic areas for driving, hiking and photography in southern Utah.

Mesquite NV (3 Aug 17) Looking NE
36.8037, -114.1399

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