Frisco Hail

Once it was readily apparent that a supercell I had been tracking was in no substantial danger of producing a tornado, I found a drive-through overhang at a closed bank and backed in.  This would let the supercellular vault region (a notorious place for precipitation size sorting of this nature) pass overhead, with windshield protection for my vehicle.  The result was significant hail of very slightly over two inches in diameter, among countless thousands of severe but somewhat smaller hailstones, in a very loud 15-minute barrage.  The atmospheric ice machine dumped hail at least this large and busted numerous windows in a corridor spanning the northern Metroplex suburbs from Northlake to Lewisville, Frisco and McKinney.  Some friends a couple miles to the west in Frisco weren’t aware the hail core was nearly upon them, so my call to advise that they protect their vehicles was well-received.

Frisco TX (26 Mar 17)  Looking down
33.1518, -96.804

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