Forest in the Sky?

Trees in the nearby forest seemed to be floating in the sky, as if they’re levitating outside the windows of the airplane.  Instead they appeared fleetingly in the gaps between geothermal vapors that rise out of the ground and blow sharply rightward on south winds.  Those strengthening breezes heralded the eventual arrival of a band of thunderstorms that cast a darkening pall over the distant western sky.  Meanwhile silver linings around shredded low clouds and holes of reflected sunshine between texturized the entire scene.  Seeing steam clouds rising from geysers and hot ponds, in Iceland and Yellowstone, makes me suggest a new name specifically for the shallow convective clouds they produce:  geocumulus.  Why not?

Yellowstone National Park WY (15 Sep 13) Looking W
44.7222, -110.7077

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