Desert Reflectives

On this two-week trip I went on several exhaustingly high and/or long hikes far from roads, yet one of my favorite scenes arose utterly unplanned and unanticipated, within a stone’s throw of a highway, and a short stroll down a dirt path.  The lesson:  be open to wonderment and marvelous experiences, regardless of “ease” of access.  Surprisingly, nobody else was out shooting or admiring this scene; the 102-degree temperatures may have been a factor!  Even in an arid area, water is a major erosive force when it does wash over the landscape, as plant cover isn’t there for protection.  Over just a few million years, what once was a nearly flat plateau gets carved up into great canyons, palisades and bluffs by the action of uncommon rains and intense floods, along with wind and the cracking action of freeze-thaw cycles.

2 N Hite UT (10 Aug 17) Looking E
37.895, -110.3976

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