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The Tapestry of the American Prairie The Tapestry of the American Prairie
Ominous Turbulence Ominous Turbulence
Tempest Interstate Tempest Interstate
Davis Mountains Stormscape Davis Mountains Stormscape
North Texas HP Stormzilla North Texas HP Stormzilla
Austrian Rain Austrian Rain
High Plains Hailer High Plains Hailer
Whale's Mouth Whale's Mouth
Sunset Blowout Sunset Blowout
Double-Decker Shelf with Pileus Double-Decker Shelf with Pileus
Darkening Goodland Darkening Goodland
Haboob Haboob
  • Haboob

  • Dense outflow from a line of severe thunderstorms over southwest KS generated this convectively generated sandstorm—a haboob. [...]