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Fractocumulus over the Washington Cascades Fractocumulus over the Washington Cascades
Sheridan Lake Non-Tornado Sheridan Lake Non-Tornado
Convective Tower Shadowing Smoke Convective Tower Shadowing Smoke
No Volcanoes in Oklahoma No Volcanoes in Oklahoma
Congestus Aerial Congestus Aerial
Scud over Turquoise Waters Scud over Turquoise Waters
KC Mammatus Returns KC Mammatus Returns
Stratocumulus Billows Stratocumulus Billows
Texas Thunderhead Texas Thunderhead
TCu (not TCU) TCu (not TCU)
  • TCu (not TCU)

  • A classical towering cumulus (meteorological acronym: TCu, as opposed to TCU the university) shoots skyward in a low-level con[...]
Turbulent Textures Turbulent Textures