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Collapsed Store Roof Collapsed Store Roof
Stacked Cars from Above Stacked Cars from Above
Car on Car Car on Car
Storefront Rubble Storefront Rubble
Storm Surged Storm Surged
Fallen Bell Tower Fallen Bell Tower
Fallen Miami Radar Fallen Miami Radar
Sailing down the Street Sailing down the Street
Penetrated Stick Penetrated Stick
Wall off Saga Bay Apartments Wall off Saga Bay Apartments
Impaled Palm Impaled Palm
  • Impaled Palm

  • A 1X4 board penetrated the upper part of a royal palm, leading to one of my most prized and popular photos.  Hurricane Andrew [...]
Roof Down Roof Down
  • Roof Down

  • This used to be a short strip mall on the Turnpike near Quail Roost Drive, on a site since razed and planted with palms. Note [...]