Brakin under Altocumuli

Thousands of miles away and three years before, I had photographed a similar altocumulus mix over the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.  Proving that the physics of the atmosphere don’t care about national borders, a fine blend of translucidus, floccus, and castellanus formed in the sky over this monument at Borgarnes, Iceland.   Known as Brakin, the sculpture is a tribute to Thorgerdur Brak, the nursemaid and family servant of Egil Skallagrimsson from Egil’s Saga.  In the year 922, she saved Egil’s life from an attack by his father Skallagrimur Kveldulfsson.  An enraged Skallagrimur chased her to the sea here, where she leapt in, only to drown after being hit by a heavy stone that Skallagrimur hurled at her.

Borgarnes, Iceland (12 Aug 14) Looking NE
64.5350 -21.9239

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