Big Spray

Scampering up a steep, slick trail, then over to a notch in the high cliffs, yielded a view of the beautiful, majestic Skógafoss that seldom appears in tourist shots:  framed by plants and moss-covered crags.  One of Iceland’s largest waterfalls at roughly 200 (tall) by 50 feet (wide), this pounding pile of water is notorious for the tremendous volume of spray it yields.  This day was no exception.   The outward force of the cold air currents carrying the spray creates an extremely wet micro-climate within the blast radius, supporting life differently than in the surrounding, already cool and moist prevailing climate.  Photography under such conditions, even with a “weather-resistant” camera and lens, mandates frequent cleaning and drying with terrycloth, in order to lessen water-damage potential to equipment and keep drops off the lens long enough for firing off a shot or two.

Skogar, Iceland (13 Aug 14) Looking NW
63.5316, -19.5109


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