Beware Storms with Mustaches

One of the late, great NWS meteorologist Al Moller’s favorite admonitions to storm spotters, chasers, students, and others in rapt audiences was:  “Beware storms with mustaches!”  That folksy wisdom, from a keen scientist and father of storm-spotter training, had strong foundations.  Although this storm was not tornadic, some supercells with persistent, mustache-shaped wall clouds are, and many produce damaging hail in the Great Plains in the springtime.  At the time of the photo, this storm was pounding the scrubland with 1.5-inch hail, and would produce hard, destructive hail at least 2 inches across near the photo location…after we left, of course.   There was no point in sticking around long enough to lose our windshields!

6 ESE Clairemont TX (22 May 17) Looking WNW
33.139, -100.6418

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