Back to Fisherman’s Point

For the second time in two days, a variety of cloud formations angled themselves across the sky at just the right time to catch a brilliant sheet of central Oklahoma sunset light.  Wispy, wavy flags of virga descended gracefully across the west, while in the southwest, a deeply dimensional array of bluesy altocumulus clouds dipped feet into the warmest glow.  Fascinating smaller details lie in wait for the picking here too, such as the distant sun pillar and a lone sickle of virga to its proximal upper right, above the end of the forested peninsula.  This finale of a running sunsetsunrise-sunset trifecta over two days also took us back to the location of a tremendous show just a year and two days before.

2 WSW Little Axe OK (12 Dec 16) Looking SW
35.229, -97.2479

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