Arboreal Sunset

This scene was shot on the west lawn of the National Weather Center.  Not one normally prone to letting foregrounds take up this much of a sunset composition, I did some experimentation with the vertical branches and horizontal sunset-cirrus bands, deep-zooming into the reddest part of the western sky, and was rather pleased with the results.  Zooming that tightly through such intricate detail, with a heavy, hand-held lens (left my tripod elsewhere!), combined with the longer exposures forced by low light, offered a challengeeven at high ISO.  That challenge was overcome by steadiness-bracketing, which works like this:  hold it still as possible and fire off a bunch of shots in rapid succession, (correctly) figuring at least one would be steady and sharp.  Improvisation is a crucial and rewarding skill in photography!

Norman OK (3 Oct 14) Looking W
35.1818, -97.4406

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