About SkyPix

Welcome to SkyPix, an online photo book of clouds, weather and water by Roger Edwards. As in a printed coffee-table book, every image has its own page with a unique story.  After all, meaningful photography is much more than just picture-taking; it is visually rendering a moment in place and time from a perspective like none other.  As a scientist and an artist, I hope my deep passion for the power and splendor of our skies and waters shines through in these pages.  If you are a cloud and weather aficionado, outdoor enthusiast, nature photographer, art lover, or anyone who craves learning, enjoy…
===== Roger =====

Dalhart, TX

About the Photographer and Writer

Roger Edwards is a atmospheric scientist with numerous published papers (C.V.), a full-time severe-storms forecaster, longtime storm observer/photographer, an avid writer of prose,  enthusiast of outdoor photography, and perpetual student of the sky.  As a baby, Roger crawled to the screen door to experience lightning and thunder as closely as possible, and still “feasts on the smorgasbord of atmospheric violence”.  Every spring, he crisscrosses the blue highways of the Great Plains states on his off-duty time, in search of spectacular and fascinating storms, strange and photogenic clouds, dazzling sunsets, weather oddities, and grand landscapes.  Roger’s camera travels with him daily, whether sojourning across town or overseas; as such, you’ll find SkyPix images and stories from all across our great nation and beyond, and from the 1980s to today.   His wife Elke also is an avid storm observer, photographer and lover of the outdoors, and the master of web development behind the design of this site.  Roger provides the photography and narratives.

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